The Fuji Blend

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Discover the harmonious blend of two distinct coffee origins with "The Fuji" Coffee Roast. This exceptional roast combines the best of Colombian and Burundian coffee beans to create a coffee experience that is truly unparalleled in flavor, aroma, and complexity.


- Medium Roast

- 10 oz

- Fully Washed

- Origin: Colombia and Burundi

- Notes of Chocolate, Carmel, Citrus, and Berries

Key Features:
  1. Dual-Origin Delight: "The Fuji" brings together the finest coffee beans from the rolling hills of Colombia and the lush landscapes of Burundi. This dual-origin blend marries the unique characteristics of each region, resulting in a coffee that's rich, diverse, and utterly satisfying.

  2. Colombian Elegance: The Colombian beans in "The Fuji" provide a solid foundation for this roast. Known for their medium body and bright acidity, Colombian coffee beans contribute a lively and balanced profile that forms the backbone of this blend.

  3. Burundian Complexity: The Burundian beans introduce a layer of complexity to "The Fuji." These beans are prized for their fruity and floral notes, offering a delightful twist to the cup. With hints of berries