The Jarama

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Introducing "The Jarama" Burundi Coffee Roast – A Pour Over Masterpiece!
Elevate your coffee experience with "The Jarama" Burundi Coffee Roast, a masterpiece crafted specifically for pour-over enthusiasts. Sourced from the lush hillsides of Burundi, this exceptional coffee roast is a testament to the country's rich coffee-growing heritage.


- Medium Roast

- 10 oz

- Fully Washed

- Origin: Burundi

- Notes of Berries, Lemons, and Hibiscus

Key Features:

  1. Burundian Elegance: "The Jarama" is a celebration of the unique coffee flavors found in Burundi's fertile soils. Grown at high altitudes and under ideal climate conditions, these beans possess a distinct elegance that's cherished by coffee aficionados worldwide.

  2. Pour Over Perfection: Tailored for pour over brewing methods, "The Jarama" is meticulously roasted to enhance its pour over potential. The medium roast level strikes a perfect balance, allowing you to extract the full spectrum of flavors with precision.

  3. Flavorful Complexity: Delve into a world of taste complexity with "The Jarama." As you savor each sip, you'll encounter vibrant floral notes, a bright citrusy acidity